Practical dog cleaning toothbrush on a finger
Practical pet teeth cleaning product for dogs and cats dental hygiene
Practical pet teeth cleaning product for dog and cat oral hygiene
Silicone pets teeth cleaning products for dogs and cats oral hygiene and health

Practical Finger Toothbrush


Like us, our loved dogs and cats need to have good breath too. Furthermore, dental hygiene is vital to the pets' overall health. 

This finger toothbrush is made with soft flex latex that fits comfortably over your finger, and allows easy brushing of your pet’s teeth. It helps with reducing plaque and tartar buildup, and it’s perfect for removing food particles and other dirt which might be stuck in your pet's teeth. Also, softer bristles provide improved gentle massage which your pet(s) will love.

Color: White / Transparent
Height: Around 2" / 5 cm
Diameter: Around 1" / 2.5 cm
Brush Length: Around 0.8" / 2 cm
Material: Plastic / Silicone

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