Collection of playful dog bone rope toys in various colors
Funny dog rope chewing toy in green and black color
Bunch of colorful dogs bone rope toys for cleaning teeth and keeping pet's health
Three dog chewing bone rope toys in red, blue, and green
Pet toy collection of playful dogs' bone rope toys for chewing and playing with pets

Playful Bone Rope Toy


As one of today's most popular dogs' toys, this funny dog rope toy is great for play and helps support healthy teeth and gums. It’s a great chew toy to satisfy a dog’s instinctual needs. The rope toy is perfect to clean your dogs' teeth, keep their health, and redirect puppies' bad biting behavior.

Color: Random
Size: Around 5.9" / 15 cm length
Material: Cotton
Suited for: Puppies and small dogs
Note: Ships in random and fun colors

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