Dog flying ring toy product for pet training outdoors in different colors
Green portable dog toy flying ring for dogs training outdoors
Orange interactive pets training flying ring toy for dogs
Red dog flying disc toy for pets outdoor interactive training
Flying ring toy for large dogs training and play outside
Large black dog playing, jumping and catching flying ring dogs toy

Flying Ring For Big Dogs


Designed to engage your dog’s senses, Flying Ring provides fun and innovative ways for your dog to play and prevent boredom. It gives dogs a great chase by providing a good dose of exercise for their body and mind. This Ring is water floating, so it can be played in the swimming pool, river, or lake.Flying ring is one of the greatest gifts you can give a dog that needs more mental and physical stimulation. Playing with this kind of toy is an ideal form of exercise for your dog, and helps to burn off masses of energy. Furthermore, your dog will get a lot of fun through interactive playing with this toy.So, set your dog out on a wild chase with this flying ring toy!

Color: Green, Orange, Red
Size US: 6.9", 10.8"
Size EU: 17.5 cm, 27.5 cm
Material: Rubber
Suited for: Medium and big dogs

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