How To Stop Your Pet from Chewing & Destroying Stuff

on September 23, 2019

Black and brown pet dog chewing and destroying stick

Every pet owner - whether it's a dog, cat, or a hamster - has had problems with pets chewing away at their books, cables, or even a TV remote. Dogs are quite famous for this.

Destructive pets' chewing is definitely a bad, unwanted behaviour pattern that can frustrate anyone. Well, if they're chewing the wrong thing, so give them something that's okay to bite, and bite...

Puppy chewing is an important part of their teeth development process, and throughout the life, they will often chew for fun, or to relieve boredom. Sometimes dogs with many fun toys to play with, will still chew something they shouldn't, knowing they will get punished.

If your pet is chewing and destructing things that they shouldn't, it's probably their way of showing you, and releasing suppressed energy, and stress. These destructive habits should be handled right away - before it gets out of hand.

How do we work on damage control, and turn this bad behaviour into a lesson that will only strengthen the bond between you and your pet?

Play with your dog. Tired pups are much less likely to get into inappropriate chewing or other destructive behaviours. If your dog is not getting enough exercise, he may unconsciously be seeking replacement by releasing pent-up energy through chewing. It is crucial for the whole family to engage your dog in meaningful, stimulating activities they will love and cherish, whether it's a play in the park, or a long walk.

Give him a chew toy instead. If you see your dog acting inappropriately, biting or chewing something they shouldn't, simply interrupt the behaviour, and provide them with an appropriate chew toy. Don't forget that when dogs have several toys with which they can play, at the same time, they will stop treating these toys as anything special. It is important for them to learn that a toy is their reward.

Keep stuff out of the reach. Just like children, dogs should be attended to almost at all times, especially when they're younger. You can never tell what they might chew next. The safest way is to keep your prized possessions and important documents far away from your dog's reach. If your dog really likes biting furniture, well, try to keep out of the room while unsupervised.

Punish them for bad behaviour. It's important that you establish a clear punishment while training your dog, and communicate it very clearly. Note that physical correctional methods should never be used with your pets as they're ineffective, and inhumane. Dogs are sometimes smarter, and understand more than we think, and after repeating the punishment enough times, they will start acting right, and the act has become their natural course of action.

Spend more time with them. Dogs are social creatures that need affection and training. Just you giving them more time in your day will mean the world to them, and they'll be more prone to listening, and obeying.

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