5 Benefits of Playing With Your Dog

on September 18, 2019

Beautiful black puppy playing with a ball on the sandy beach

We all know that playing with dogs is fun, but what we don't consider is the fact how important it is for all of us. Playing and having fun helps to reduce stress from our life, and the same holds for our four-legged friends.

Here are some of the most important benefits of playing with your dog daily:

Dog’s physical health

As well as humans, dogs need exercise to stay in good health, whether it is walking, running, or playing different kinds of games such as chasing balls, playing fetch, or tug of war. Daily play as a type of exercise is great for a dog's physical health, helps to keep joints lubricated, and improves his overall balance and coordination.

Your physical health

Research has found that everyday dog walks help you lose weight as they force you to physical activity for about 20 - 30 minutes a day. Not just that, but if you play physical games such as chase, or flying rings throwing, it could be great for your physical health. Therefore, if you don't like exercise, go for a walk or play with your dog.

Dog’s mental health

Sometimes, dogs get as bored as we can be. A bored dog may result in destructive chewing of things in the house. Dogs need mental stimulation to keep them happy, interested, and away from trouble. Playing with your dog helps with the mental aspect of boredom and keep your dog’s brain healthy and his mind sharp. Daily playtime can make all the difference in his behaviour.

Your mental health

Certain studies show that playing with your pal could help relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. Spending time and playing with your dog can have a calming effect, and it can help to reduce the stress of a busy workday.

The bond between you and your dog

Maybe the most important benefit of playing with your dog as often as you can is the fact that it will help to strengthen the bond between you. Combining multiple modes of play into your dog's routine is essential to help him build a healthy and loving personality. Going out for a walk, or playing at the park or house yard will bring you closer with your canine companion.

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